The HBA Mission

Build a Community

"Provide a forum for businesses to communicate and work with each other.
Improve the retail & business profile to the wider populace as well as guide
custom and inward investment to Harborne businesses."

We aim to improve communication, by using our new website connected through social media, we’ll be making a strong push to get people, connected to businesses.

There are also regular Newsletter updates from Kate, our new Town Center Manager, and the bi-monthly Roundup email, which brings you up to speed on all that has been happening over the past 2 months.

Our main event is the monthly HBA meeting, that brings together the businesses of Harborne. We keep each other informed of all the goings on the High Street, and hopefully prevent rumours spreading that can worry businesses by keeping to the facts.

As well as the monthly meetings, we are also looking into setting up a more social meet up for HBA members, allowing businesses to meet and chat with each other on a more informal basis.

All together building a spirit of positivity and enthusiasm for all that is Harborne .

Give You More Say

"Empower business to affect positive change through strength in numbers to have more say on what happens for the greater good on the High Street"

We also work to secure funds from the local council that are available to organisations such as ours to help with matters on the High Street. An example of this is the Retail Safety Scheme. It must be stressed though that funds from council bodies are becoming few and far between, but where we can, we’ll fight for your share of the funding.

Looking forwards however, it will be down to us all to make sure Harborne gets the best deal. The HBA is a place for you to get your feelings and views heard about local matters, but it’s also a place for us all to come together and make sure Harborne thrives.

The HBA is the voice of local business and the only legal and lawfully acknowledged entity to ensure sustainable growth in the local economy.

The bottom line: The more participating members we have, the more say we have to get Harborne noticed.

Love Harborne

"With strength in numbers comes the power to enliven the High Street. That's what our new campaign Love Harborne is all about."

The Love Harborne concept is our super simple mantra. It’s the umbrella phrase under which we file all the events we do, all the proactive campaigning we do and how we promote good will in Harborne.

We have to accept that in order to get people to our doorstep, we need to create a fun and vibrant village that people recognise as a place where something is always happening. There are endless ways we can do this, and we always welcome your ideas.

There will be a separate logo for love Harborne unveiled soon that we use as a stamp to back up this campaign. Most of all, this campaign/mantra gives us more ammunition to promote and enhance Harborne’s brand.


Join the HBA

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