The HBA Mission

Build a Community

"Provide a forum for businesses to communicate and work with each other.
Improve the retail & business profile to the wider populace as well as guide
custom and inward investment to Harborne businesses."

Give You More Say

"Empower business to affect positive change through strength in numbers
to have more say on what happens for the greater good on the High Street"

Love Harborne

"With strength in numbers comes the power to enliven the High Street.
That's what our new campaign Love Harborne is all about."


The Harborne Business Association provides a powerful forum for businesses to communicate & work with each other to drive positive local change.

We are the official voice for Business along the Harborne High Street & the surrounding area. Our aims are threefold and simple:


To find out about each of these aims in more detail and to see how they can help your business, please head on over to the ABOUT THE HBA page.

Over the coming months we’ll be using this site and linked social media to create a very special community hub, where we push local businesses and show potential customers that Harborne has a vibrant heart.

We’ve already been really active during 2015 but this is just the beginning, with your help we can drive things even further and put Harborne back on the map.

Get involved. Love Harborne!
The HBA Team

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